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Events and Kiss A - Z

1973 - 2018+

Kiss A - Z and Events

1973 - 2018+

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A Ace Frehley, Anton Fig

B Bruce Kulick, Bob Kulick, Bill Aucoin, Bob Ezrin

C Cold Gin, Concert Melbourne

D Destroyer and Deuce

E Music From The Elder, Eric Singer and Eric Carr

F Firehouse and Florence

G Going Blind and Gene Simmons

H Hotter Than Hell, Heavens on Fire

I I, I Was Made For Lovin You

J Kiss Jackets

K Kiss Kruise, Lyrics,

L Lydia Criss, Logo German

M Mark St. John, Michael James Jackson

N News, New Costumes


P Peter Criss, Paul Stanley,

Q Kiss Quotes,

R Revenge

S Strutter

T Tommy Thayer, Tickets

U Unmasked, Uplugged

V Vinnie Vincent

W World Tour

X Xray Eyes,

Y Years Active

Z Zippo

doctor_kiss_logo_2019_a doctor_kiss_lips