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Dr. SKIV Kiss Kruise

Meet n Greets

Welcome To The 10 CoMan (For Males)

- Ments (Mental Health Guides)


What are the 10 CoMan-Ments?


They are songs and music created from the experiences Dr. Jim has endured and utilises the songlist to stand on the shoulders of Rock N Roll greats and honour the millions of males who have passed from suicide and/or suffered anxiety/depression and to take males and females on a journey of see lifes hidden blessings in times of hardship and adversity and make a difference in mens mental health.


1. I'm Just A Man

I give myself permission to be for

I am (I exist), Just (Morally valued), A Man (Human).

Knowing Thy Authentic Self.


Dedicated to Michael Hutchence and the millions of males

(fathers, uncles, sons, collegues, mates) who have passed from suicide 



2. Searching

 We search for meaning of

Why do males, why do humans suicide?

Make man time with your mates.

Who are you as a brother, son, father,

uncle, colleague and to others?

Discover your hierarchy of your values (Axiology)

by making man time (for yourself and others) in

the 7 areas of your life.


Dedicated to Andrew Farriss and the INXS members and family



3. Numb

Lets start and have open conversation about its ok to express our feelings and emotions. Utilise compassion and kindness, acknowledge your short comings, and heightened/polarised emotions (anger, frustrations, sadness, grief, resentments, low self esteem) fears, failures, vulnerabilities of you & the relations to people, place, events


Dedicated to Chester Bennington


4. Man in the box

The Alarming Male Suicide Rates Globally.


In Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Sri Lanka,

In Canada, USA, Belize, Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Panama,

In Ireland, UK, Austria, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Kazakstan, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain. Slovenia, Ukraine,

In Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Senegal, South Africa, Zambia, Angola


More than 75% of all suicides are males.


Dedicated to Layne Staley 



5. Break on Through

Using your mind, reach out within yourself and others, and dialogue by asking quality questions.


The Break On Through (BreakThrough) allows us to see the other side or the two sides (duality) of people, events and relationships in our life, once we ask the right questions with kindness and compassion.  


Dedicated to Jim Morrison and Scott Weiland




6. Doctor

Doctor means to teach from the greek language.

The teachings of the breakthrough are the hidden blessings, of how your emotional experiences with people, events have served you in your life.


Doctor are also the professionals there who can support your mind in a clinical setting


Dedicated to the Teachers, Philosophers, Leaders and Mentors

of the founder of GrungeX, Dr. Jim 


7. Smells Like Teen Spirit 

Find your inner child.

Rediscover your inner passion and

drive to be, do and have fun and joy and driver this foward into your later years and for all time.


Dedicated to Kurt Cobain



8. By My Side

Stand side by side and on the shoulders of greats. Remember the children left behind.


Dedicated to the Children of the Rock Fathers who suicided/overdosed.

Tiger Lily, and

Lillian, Christopher, Toni, and

Lila, Tyler, Jaime, Draven, Isaiah, and

Frances, and

Lily, Noah, Lucy



9. The Pretender

The ability not to subordinate to others while you stand up and into who you are and your authenticity in the new you and not letting others and the world tell you, inject into you who you are


Dedicated to Dave Grohl



10. New Sensation

You are the new sensation and beacon of light for your message


Dedicated to Sananda Maitreya (Terence Trent Darby) 


and The Promise


"As GrungeX we commit to honour the truth of knowing and being yourself as men and women biggest challenge and the acceptance of the perfect imperfections of our selves."

- Dr. Jim


Dedicated to Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell


Chris Cornell inspired Dr. Jim to create I'm Just A Man Mens Mental Health Male Suicide Awareness Gala in July 2017 and consquently GrungeX name, logo and music movement after the inaugural event in December 2017.

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